Swedish Massage

To save time at your initial consultation, you can complete most of your Consultation Form in advance. We can then concentrate on specific areas straight away.

You can download, print and complete your Consultation Form. And bring it with you to your first appointment.

Alternatively, you can complete and submit the Online Consultation Form below.

Please note, you will need to complete the online form in one sitting. You cannot save and return to the form.

    Willow Tree Massage Consultation Form (Online)

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    CellulitisContagious diseasesThrombosis / DVTPhlebitisSevere undiagnosed headachesAneurysmStrokeUndiagnosed illnessGangreneHaemophiliaVaricose veinsInflammatory conditionsArthritisHeadachesMigrainesDiabetesSunburnCancerAnxietyUncontrolled high blood pressureDepression

    Severe numbnessRecent scar tissueHeart conditionHIV/AidsUnstable/replaced jointsHepatitisEpilepsySevere undiagnosed painBone fracturesSprainsNervous system conditionsSevere bruisingAllergiesMuscular spasmsIBSFeverOedemaSkin disorders / Any cutsAsthmaAny injuriesOsteoporosis

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